We offer a range of roofing options for your home or conservatory. 

GRP Flat Roofing options are the most modern way to create a long lasting and superb looking roof, which will also provide excellent thermal benefits for your home internally.

This is the most popular flat roofing solution in the UK. 

Benefits - Extremely reliable. 

- Waterproof and resistant to all weathers

- long guarantee period and the likelihood of a repair being needed is extremely low.

- Fibreglass finish - no joints or cracks - and therefore no leaks!  

- the internal effect of having a GRP roof is that thermally your environment won't suffer extreme changes with the weather. This means it won't be too hot and it won't be too cold inside!

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We supply exceptional quality roofing which can transform your conservatory. Pitched roofs are very long lasting and resilient to all kinds of weathers.

Aesthetically pleasing, and designed to withstand all weathers, the hard pitched roof is an ideal more permanent solution. 

With a pitched roof your conservatory will feel like another room in the house, so a conservatory with a hard roof is a great and cheaper way of extending your property. 

There is also an advantage when it comes to drainage - water runs down the slope of the roof into the drainpipes and gutters. This prevents any build up of moss / silt and other dirt on the roof. 

Finally this type of roof is popular because it looks so appealing in comparison to other roof types. It is a traditional design which will suit any property, and look great for many years to come. 

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